How To Wear EarRings – Tips for Womens

How To Wear EarRings – Tips for Womens

Earrings are star-like embellishments on a woman’s face. The small earrings are exquisite and exquisite, and the large earrings swaying, will always fall on the face with night or morning light when necessary, illuminating the dark or bright years.

People who are fascinated by earrings are not only fascinated by its uniqueness and modification of its face, but also because of its intentional or unintentional embellishment, it adds a bit of style. Even if she is sad, she is also charming. If you are happy, it must be as bright as shining.

The round face MM is more suitable for wearing some angular earrings, which can create a sense of slenderness, which makes people look more delicate and round.

How To Wear EarRings

Using slender long earrings to balance the unpleasant “short and round” face shape can make the proportion of the face look better, and the face width and length are almost the same. Pendant earrings are the first choice for round face MM, because pendant earrings will elongate your face shape.

The square face is suitable for wearing round, oval or curly line earrings.

When wearing earrings on a square face, make sure that the lowermost end of the earrings is not parallel to the most square position of the face. It should be higher or lower than that part. When others look at you, they will not focus on the widest part of the jaw.

The girl with an oval face is really enviable and jealous~ this face is not only suitable for combing various hairstyles, but also can wear earrings of any shape and style as you like.

If you wear large earrings or drop earrings, it looks plump; if you wear small earrings or drop earrings, you will have a beautiful and pretty beauty. As long as you pay attention to when you go in and out and match your clothes, you can’t go wrong wearing them.
What are the good-looking and suitable earrings for yourself? The editor has found the following good-looking and affordable earrings for you to match clothing and face shape~ Let’s take a look!

Tips for Womens

Korean bow pearl earrings sterling silver temperament earrings 925 silver European and American earrings Japan and South Korea hypoallergenic jewelry female

These earrings have appeared on the ears of female actresses in major Korean dramas. They are very versatile, with micro-inserted zircons and diamonds. After wearing it, I feel that I have become an elegant little lady~

Dongdaemun, Korea, vintage ladies temperament big earrings, female hypoallergenic rectangular crystal hair ball earrings earrings

The hairball earrings that suddenly burst into flames this year look very cute, and you may feel that they are wearing nondescript clothes. In fact, it is very versatile, especially if you can buy several ears of different colors and then wear a pair of color shoes and which color earrings. The two echo each other, which is not only beautiful but also cute. This one is very suitable for soft cute girl paper~

Bohemian earrings without pierced ears Korean version of the national style retro earrings female long Christmas gift
Medium and long metal earrings, and then added a small tassel at the end as an embellishment, like a finishing touch, it makes people shine. Such long earrings are decorated at the head and tail. The continuous ring in the middle is especially temperament when worn, and it has a sense of national style. It is suitable for long face girls.

Tremella hook earrings long temperament tassel Korean crystal earrings female European and American line earrings retro ear jewelry bride
Long earrings really need to be prepared, because you will find that it not only wears beautifully, but also has the effect of modifying the face. Long tassel earrings will cause a certain visual error from the side, thereby lengthening the face shape. Some round-faced girls can use it to appear that your face is very small.

Korean palace retro luxury long hollow hollow diamond pendant earrings ladies European and American fashion temperament earrings earrings

Small exaggerated rhinestone earrings, in fact, the most exaggerated degree in daily life is to wear this earring. Too exaggerated earrings will directly destroy your temperament, and make your characteristics can not be highlighted. Although this is a little exaggerated, but the color is relatively calm, dark blue and light yellow appear graceful, very personal style.

Korean temperament camellia pearl earrings female retro long and short earrings ear jewelry earrings pure silver ear pin ear clip
Choosing this kind of pearl pendant earrings is also a good choice. It is the most connotation for girls to wear this. After all, the earrings are small and elegant. Once the set off comes out, everyone pays attention to you. The rose appears in the hair, and it will increase the favor of others. .

BAO STYLE little woman autumn and winter wild exquisite micro-set flash diamond star star gray pearl ear line earrings female

The hottest this year is the long asymmetrical ear line! These earrings are decorated with gray pearls and multi-angle stars, mainly used to show a unique personality. If you are the kind of quirky girl, don’t miss this earring~

Silk princess 925 silver jewelry vintage Thai silver flower language agate garnet earring earring earring temperament long section Korea

Pendant earrings symbolize taste, temperament and status; secondly, pendant earrings are very suitable for girls with small faces, enriching your sense of hierarchy and highlighting your delicate face. These agate stone earrings are the best items for evening dresses. The retro design is elegant and noble. The emerald green pendant is very gorgeous, and the inlay of black silver is dazzling.

925 Silver Post Korean Long Temperament Geometric Pearl Earring Earrings Japanese and Korean Personality Nightclub Queen Earrings Jewelry
A sexy and elegant long-line earring, the unique shape is very eye-catching. The top is the shape of a small round diamond. The long line is pulled down to match a triangular metal frame with a small pearl in the middle. The overall look is very textured.

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