How To Choose Right Jewelry for Weddings – Look Beautiful

How To Choose Right Jewelry for Weddings – Look Beautiful

It remains a mystery – why, in the view of many people, the image of the bride is steadily associated with the princess or queen? It would seem that the monarchy as a form of government has long become obsolete, and today’s crowned persons, if they rule in any country, are purely formal in order to pay tribute to traditions, no more.

Perhaps the whole point is in fairy tales, which we all read in childhood. And the climax of every second fairy tale is a wedding, and on this major note we closed the book, imagining how happily the life of two lovers would turn out. So is it any wonder that the marriage for many of us is not just a solemn procedure, but a kind of ritual, magical and a little mystical. We all, from newlyweds to guests, are happy to play a fairy tale, and the bride must match her role: to be dazzling and excitingly beautiful. And this means that we can’t do without jewelry.

Want to look stylish? Follow the rules!

If the bride does not have a casket with old family jewelry at home, she faces a difficult task: to choose jewelry or jewelry in order to successfully complement the created image. Indeed, it took so much time to buy a dress, shoes and veils that it would be very annoying to cross out all these efforts by acquiring inappropriate jewelry.

A trip to a jewelry store or a bridal salon, as a rule, confuses the bride – a huge amount of incredible beauty of objects appears before her – bracelets and earrings, tiaras and necklaces, combs and tiaras. Gold, silver and platinum, diamonds and pearls, rhinestones and crystals sparkle and shimmer with colorful lights in the light of crystal chandeliers, reflected in huge mirrors. To navigate in all this diversity, you should adhere to the following simple rules formulated by leading stylists of wedding fashion.

Rule number 1.

The bride on the wedding day should not be too much jewelry or jewelry. One or two large and noticeable details is enough to successfully complement your image.

Indeed, the bride, hung with jewelry, even expensive, looks more like a Christmas tree than a beautiful princess. The only exception is if your wedding is planned in the Indian style. In this case, you can dress up as much as you like.

SwarovskiRule number 2.

Precious metals and jewelry (even expensive) – not the best combination. You should also not mix gold with silver and buy products with different stones – they will not look good together.

Rule number 3.

Jewelry should not be artsy or flashy, otherwise they will eclipse the bride, attracting too much attention of those present. Remember: in the first place – you, in the second – an engagement ring, and after it – your jewelry.

And this is true, because you are the very diamond for which a decent setting is selected. It is in this quality that rings, earrings, bracelets and other expensive trinkets should act. By the way, it’s not necessary to buy them if your wedding budget is limited. A service such as wedding accessories rental will allow you to become a queen for one day. And more is not necessary, unless you are going to constantly attend social receptions and parties.

When choosing jewelry, you need to consider many things – from the style of the wedding dress to the style of your wedding. How to do it? Read below. And, taking into account various tips and tricks, be sure to listen to your own feelings. If you are comfortable with some decoration, it suits you in style, being a reflection of your inner self, take it without hesitation, and make others freeze in admiration on the most important day of your life!

What does the style of the wedding dress dictate to us?What does the style of the wedding dress dictate to us?

By purchasing a wedding attire, we set the style in which all other accessories should be made. And jewelry is no exception. The basic rule is easy to remember – luxurious rings, earrings, bracelets harmonize perfectly with dresses of simple silhouettes. For a rich dress with a rich finish fit jewelry simple style.

The beauty of the romantic owners of outfits of simple styles – a sheath dress with a silhouette in the shape of the letter “A” and a Greek tunic – vintage antique pieces – pearl necklaces, antique brooches, long earrings with diamonds, wide bracelets decorated with precious stones will perfectly emphasize. A vintage engagement ring will amaze those present with a large and clean, like a tear, oval or round diamond, will attract attention with a floral pattern or geometric pattern. If your choice fell on wedding jewelry, bet on large catchy items – necklaces and bracelets made of beads and glass.

A sexy tight-fitting dress (style “Fish” or “Little Mermaid”) requires strict stylish jewelry. White metal combined with diamonds or crystals is what you need. Clean, sparkling, impeccable – these should be the decorations worthy of the queen of the evening.

But not only the style of the outfit determines the list of suitable decorations for the style. Such a detail of the dress as the neckline also imposes a number of restrictions on the choice of jewelry.

Holders of a V-neckline should prefer an elegant pendant on a thin gold chain. If the neckline is in the shape of a heart, the bride does not fail, decorating her ears with large hanging earrings, and her neck with a necklace, sparkling transparent crystals or natural stones. An inconspicuous beads or necklace will suit a dress with straps, while strapless models will acquire a unique look thanks to an intricate brooch by the author. The restraint of closed dresses does not require a lot of jewelry. Quite an interesting bracelet and hair clips with rhinestones in the hair.

It is very important to maximize the design of accessories to the style in which the decoration of the wedding dress is made. An outfit trimmed with pearls implies the presence of earrings, pendants or necklaces of natural pearls on its owner. Floral motifs of decoration should also overlap with the shape of your chosen jewelry.

Rings, earrings and bracelets made of silver, platinum and white gold in combination with diamonds, crystals, rhinestones and white pearls are the most successful option for the bride in a traditional snow-white dress. Those girls who settled on dresses of the color of champagne or ivory should pay attention to items made of gold and pearls. If your wedding dress is decorated with colored trim, you can choose jewelry or jewelry with stones of the same color.

Fata: not as simple as it sounds

If the veil has already been purchased, look carefully at its finish. Those brides who purchased a weightless accessory, decorated with beads or embroidery, will have to be especially careful, carefully choosing several jewelry that are strict in style so as not to upset the harmony of the created image. The veil of a simple style does not impose any restrictions on the choice of jewelry by its mistress.

To all to face, as you go to the crown

The choice of jewelry for the bride’s hairstyle – tiaras, diadems, combs and hairpins with stones should be approached responsibly, because during the whole evening it is the newlywed who is the object of close attention from all guests present at the wedding. It is necessary that these accessories not only fit the type of bride’s face, but also harmonize with other jewelry, in particular, earrings.

Chubby girls should stay on a high tiara with a “peak” and long earrings in the shape of a triangle or rectangle – such jewelry will help visually lengthen the face. The round or oval shape of the earrings is not for you, because it emphasizes what you want to hide.

Any earrings will suit girls with an oval face, but you should choose jewelry for hairstyle very carefully. An elegant diadem and a small tiara will do their job perfectly, covering their high forehead. As an alternative, you can advise you to do without a tiara, decorating your hair with a spectacular comb.

Oval or round earrings will help to soften a square face, and owners of a triangular type of face will be able to distract attention from a pointed chin with the help of earrings having an expanding shape downward.

Hairstyle and jewelry: we achieve harmonyHairstyle and jewelry: we achieve harmony

By the time you purchase the jewelry, you probably already agreed on the shape of your hairstyle with the master. When looking for suitable earrings on the windows of jewelry stores, be sure to compare them with your hairstyle.

Brides with a short haircut or long hair raised up will fit freely hanging long earrings. If you want to show your luxurious hair to others without putting it in your hair, you should refrain from long models that will endlessly become tangled in curls. In this case, it is better to give preference to small earrings in the form of carnations or droplets with diamonds or pearls. A high hairstyle will open your face, and in this case it is necessary to focus on its type.

Eye and hair color is another indicator that should be taken into account when shopping at a jewelry store.

Blondes with a golden shade of hair should stop at a noble metal of the same color – gold, silver – not for them. When choosing jewelry with stones, give preference to warm colors – topazes from golden to reddish-orange, yellowish pearls and agate, as well as red corals.

Delicate creatures, fair-haired and fair-eyed, graceful jewelry made of gold with rich bright amber, yellow topaz, sapphire of heavenly shades and turquoise blue.

Dark-eyed blondes and light-eyed brown-haired women can choose jewelry together. A good setting for their beauty will be silver combined with transparent, like sea water, blue aquamarine, spectacular diamonds, gray or pale pink pearls, gray-blue agate.

Burning dark-eyed brunettes have fewer restrictions on the choice of precious metal. Everything suits them – platinum, gold, silver, and the combination of precious metals with aquamarine of various shades, red ruby, green emerald, transparent rock crystal and stone number 1 – a diamond will make you look stunning at your own wedding.

The appearance of the bride must match the scope of the event

It may seem strange to some – why take into account the scale of the ceremony, when it comes to rings, earrings and a necklace? Then imagine a modest wedding for 30 guests in a small cafe. And then the bride appears in a chic dress with a train, shrouded in a cloud of multi-tiered veil, with a breathtaking hairstyle, on which a tiara burning with colorful lights flaunts. Is funny Sure. And all because the appearance of the bride does not match the scope of the event.

In this case, a simple wedding dress, a comb or hair clip in your hair and stylish jewelry of simple design – modest earrings, a string of pearls, an elegant pendant – are quite enough. And vice versa – a magnificent wedding, designed for a large number of guests, allows you to approach everything in a big way, including the choice of luxurious accessories.

What are the stones talking about?

How do we choose jewelry with stones? Prestige is important for some, and therefore diamonds are preferred, and for someone only semi-precious stones can afford it. Some listen to the inner sensations – whether this particular stone is close to them, while others want the jewelry to have a certain meaning. But only those who understand the language of stones can decrypt this hidden message.

What can stones tell us about, and what properties do they have?

Aquamarine – the patron of family happiness, drives away anxieties and sorrows.

A diamond , contrary to popular belief, is not so much the girls’ best friend, but the keeper of the hearth. He stands guard over the happiness of the young, maintaining the inviolability and purity of the marriage, and guarantees the couple a happy and long family life. And the diamond has an amazing property to enhance the influence of the surrounding stones.

Turquoise is able to give happiness, and this is a lot, agree.

Heliotrope guarantees – marriage will be successful.

Rhinestone not only cleanses thoughts, but also helps its owner to change his fate for the better.

Pomegranate gives the owner excellent health and gives strength to successfully complete the work begun. In family affairs, it helps to achieve mutual understanding and strengthen relationships.

What are the stones talking about?Pearls at the wedding symbolize the purity and purity of the bride. Want love never to leave your home? The recipe is simple – a string of natural pearls that will not let the flame of passion go out. It is pearls that guard the peace of the family and gives their owner unfading beauty.

Emerald is a symbol of chastity and poise. Frivolous people should beware of this stone, because it, like a faithful dog, stands guard over love and fidelity. According to ancient beliefs, an emerald in a wedding ring does not tolerate treason and gives a crack. Therefore, such a stone is a talisman only for faithful and loving couples, allowing them to carry their feelings unchanged through the thickness of years.

The cat’s eye will help those who need to change their lives for the better.

Lapis lazuli is the stone of those born in winter. Brings harmony in the relationship of spouses.

Moonstone is chosen by dreamers who want to realize their fantasies. It also helps its owner make the right decisions.

Malachite – a stone of fulfillment of desires, supports the owner’s strength in difficult situations and does not let you lose heart.

Jade is your reliable amulet and a talisman that allows the owner to be successful in everything. As a result, it provides all kinds of material benefits, health and longevity.

Opal drives sadness away and helps the couple build their happiness.

Ruby is a symbol of eternal love. He not only fuels the flame of passion stronger, but also takes care of the home, bringing happiness, good luck to the family and guaranteeing longevity for the spouses.

Sapphire has a wide range of properties. On the one hand, he keeps his owner from taking the wrong step, reminding him of the importance of keeping promises and oaths. On the other hand, it fills the house with all kinds of material goods, and the hearts of loving people with love and patience.

Carnelian is a simple pebble that brings happiness.

Amber will not only help its owner to find happiness, but also maintain health.

Wedding rings

When it comes to wedding jewelry, first of all we recall wedding rings, without which no wedding ceremony can do. We are so accustomed to the traditional rite of exchange of rings that it seems to us that it always existed, however, it turned out that ancient Rome was the legislator of wedding fashion. At first, the Romans exchanged with their favorite iron rings, but then they justly reasoned that it was much more pleasant to wear jewelry made of precious metals.

A lot of water has flowed since then, but even today, lovers consider wedding rings to be more than just jewelry. They are a symbol of marital fidelity, a talisman of a young family that holds the aura of a happy reunion of two loving hearts.

This is a very powerful thing in terms of energy, and therefore the bride and groom do not spare time in order to pick up the “same” rings that will accompany them for many years of marriage. Therefore, it is considered unacceptable to wear someone else’s wedding ring, especially if the marriage of the person who wore it was unsuccessful.

A few decades ago, the newlyweds did not have much choice – only ordinary smooth wedding rings were sold in stores. Today you can spend a lot of time studying windows with various products exhibited in them – from gold, platinum and silver, with and without stones, weighty solid and light openwork, brand models from famous jewelry houses and very simple rings.

When choosing rings, each pair takes into account a number of circumstances, among which the material component plays an important role. However, for those lovers who would like to become the owner of unique rings, it is not necessary to buy an exclusive item from a famous designer, made in a single copy. With a small budget, it is better to purchase inexpensive products and go to an engraving workshop, where an experienced craftsman will put the word-symbol chosen by young people on the inside of the ring, thereby making the wedding rings the one and only.

The wedding of David Beckham and Victoria Adams

Princess Diana’s wedding dress is still being discussed on the pages of print and online publications. Lady Dee’s dress was strewn with pearls and gold sequins, and on her head flaunted a diamond tiara of such a high cost that in the entire history of mankind not a single headdress could compete with her. Perhaps this caused some discomfort in the democratic and not accustomed to Diana’s luxury, and therefore, as a wedding ring, she chose a simple little ring with sapphire from the catalog of the supplier of the royal court – the jewelry house Garrard, which is by no means an exclusive design. The consequence of this act was a lot of gossip in the royal family, because any commoner who could have found the extra 65 thousand dollars could buy such a ring.

Billionaire Aristotle Onassis gave his bride Jacqueline Kennedy gold jewelry with sapphires and rubies, as well as a 40-carat diamond ring. Nowadays, celebrities also showered their loved ones with jewelry. So, Maxim Galkin presented to the Diva before the wedding a set of jewelry from the Cartier jewelry house – a necklace, bracelet and ring. These were gorgeous jewelry – dark blue sapphires, known as “royal”, and diamonds in platinum. At the wedding ceremony, Pugacheva put on only a bracelet with a ring, which she has not parted since even for a minute, and she showed the necklace to the world only a year later. Why? Everything turned out to be more than simple – the star brought itself to the right shape to match the amazing beauty of the set.

Last Lines and Tips

Former member of the popular Spice Girls band Victoria Adams, marrying the famous footballer David Beckham, did not get too fixated on jewelry, believing that a small cross on her neck and an openwork gold crown on her head is enough to comply with wedding formalities. Well, everyone chooses the option that he likes. For example, the daughter of the famous actor and singer Mikhail Boyarsky Lisa married in a white T-shirt, jeans and flip flops. It is clear that to such a dress no jewelry was needed.

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