How To Choose A Decorated Jewelry

How To Choose A Decorated Jewelry

Universal jewelry practically does not exist. Something is intended for everyday life, some for celebrations, and something for parties. The combination of jewelry with clothes, the correspondence of the general style to a specific goal is a very important “fashionable” question for all time. How to choose jewelry that is most suitable in a particular situation. We give some tips.

Jewelry for work

When planning to wear jewelry for work, understand that de attention of colleagues should be riveted to it. Jewelry for everyday life should complement and shade your image, and not be a key detail. Accordingly, discreetness, minimalism, the absence of too bold forms, vibrant colors, brilliant details are encouraged. By the way, a business style in clothes and jewelry may be appropriate in an informal setting. If you’re planning to visit a restaurant or go to a party right after work, you don’t need to change clothes: you can simply add your image to a bright brooch or other jewelry.

Decorations for a festive occasion

“Solemn atmosphere” is a broad concept. This is the auditorium of the theater, and an expensive restaurant, and the entourage of a wedding or anniversary. Of course, the most exquisite jewelry exists specifically for such situations. Luxury – but moderate. Jewelry should be expensive, but discreet, chic – but concise. At such events, you show others your taste, and jewelry will help you with this.

Decorations for the resort

A trip on vacation also involves wearing jewelry – but not at all that are appropriate at work or at a banquet. Here you can give vent to your imagination, you can experiment with colors and shapes. The best materials for such jewelry are natural, using stones. Colors can be very different, preferably bright.

And finally, we will give some universal tips for choosing jewelry, which you need to remember in any situation.

  • Do not get carried away with kits. You can buy a bracelet, beads, earrings and a ring, designed in the same style, but you do not need to wear all this at the same time. The most frequent associations that occur when women overdo jewelry are “Christmas tree” and “gypsy”. Two – this is the optimal number of items from one set that can be worn at the same time.
  • Remember the rule of one accent. Jewelry sets of the same size have long been out of fashion. Observing a simple rule will be much more beneficial for your image: one thing should stand out. For example, a massive brooch with small earrings and chains or large earrings with a thin bracelet.
  • Remember your body. Decoration can “look” or “not look”, but it depends on the features of your appearance. Owners of not the smallest forms can easily wear jewelry of any size – but massive jewelry will not go to miniature and thin girls. You also need to pay attention to the shape and size of individual parts of the body. Large rings are appropriate only on long fingers, and thin chains and necklaces – on a long neck. Try to emphasize the beneficial aspects of your appearance – jewelry will perfectly help you in this!

Do not skimp. Jewelry is not something to save on. In the case of jewelry, a cheap thing can be seen right away. Such jewelry can destroy all the favorable impressions of your image. In addition, such products are often made of materials harmful to health.

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