How To Choose Best Jewellery For office?

How To Choose Best Jewellery For office?

Vacation season is coming to an end, time to return to work. After a vacation, it is especially difficult to change from a summer wardrobe to an office dress code. We figure out which accessories are worth choosing, and what is better to refuse, and how not to look bored.

General rules: shape, size and shades of products

In a business environment, accessories carry several meanings at once: they add individual features, are part of communication, and convey your success. You need to choose business accessories carefully. Business style involves laconic forms, restrained design and classic shades – nothing should distract attention from business processes.

How to choose earrings?

Earrings should not be too massive or long – balance is important. Restrained classics and geometric shapes – the best option among a variety of styles. Choose conservative options like items with clear stones and pearls.

How to choose a ring?

The same goes for rings. Massive products of bright colors and bizarre shapes are best left at home. Do not forget that wedding rings are not considered an adornment, however, if, for example, you wear both an engagement and an engagement ring, then the third adornment on your hand in the business environment will already be superfluous.

How to choose a brooch?

Brooches have been on the list of the most relevant jewelry for several seasons. The right product, designed in strict dress code rules, perfectly complements an office jacket, silk blouse or formal dress. Try to choose products of small sizes and concise shapes.

How to choose a watch?

A watch is an integral accessory of business life. They help keep track of time, plan a schedule, and are also a status accessory. Classic design and shades, a thin strap made of genuine leather or a bracelet made of precious metal or stainless steel are the most suitable options.

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